We’re dedicated to transforming the people experience at work.

We believe that the experience that people have at work is critical, not only to sustainable business performance but to wellbeing too; and we’re committed to helping customers deliver the best possible people experience by getting the most from their employee feedback.

Engagement Surveys give a company-wide view of your people experience

Why do we exist?

We were founded in 2018 by Nick Court and Ben Keating, against an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with employee survey providers. Broadly, HR people’s complaints were that survey providers were not helping them solve a problem or really improve their business.

More specifically we heard that inflexible tools and frameworks; technology that created information rather than insight; and support that lacked expertise, empathy or curiosity were failing to address client’s needs.

Into to the people experience hub

A tech-led, human approach

  • Flexible survey technology, so that you can measure what’s really important to your business
  • Friendly, expert support to ensure that you get results from the process
  • Employee feedback that’s quick to access, easy to interpret and actionable
Unionizing tech and a human approach

In short, it’s really important that employee feedback is a source of genuine value to your business and your people.

  • Deep HR and ‘people’ experience
  • Driven by core values
  • Led by purpose

For us, doing the right thing means bring driven by purpose and not just profit. It is important that The People Experience Hub leaves a positive footprint, however small it might be.
Some of the commitments we have made to be more sustainable include:

  1. Carbon Negative
  2. Real Living Wage payer
  3. Training for all employees
  4. Support for employee volunteering
  5. Started our B-Corp journey
  6. Fully funded Pension
  7. Employee share scheme