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Or, in defence of the annual survey Pulse surveys are super cool, and the annual survey is a thing of the past – well that is what everyone is saying these days. You cannot dip your toe in the employee feedback market without hearing about why we need to “ditch the annual survey” and move […]

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New Joiner Experience

First impressions matter… Well done, you have invested time, money, energy and resources to recruit the right person for your business to help it be more profitable, more sustainable and to grow! It would probably be a good idea to check in with them to see how they are getting on. But why? Well according […]

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Are you using data to inform your wellbeing strategy?

If not, why not? We have all seen the big data health statistics: 1 in 4 people will have a mental health issue 1 in 5 adults smoke 30 million days are lost due to muscular skeletal conditions 33% of people could not afford to pay an unexpected health bill Data is vital to enable […]

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Candidate Experience

It’s a matter of choice Some people are really lucky, and they don’t ‘have’ to work for you! but if you are really lucky they will decide that they want to (Yay go you!) The candidate experience starts way before you put that advert out there, people will experience your brand, spend time using your […]

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What’s that then? We hear a lot about engaged employees being more productive employees, and that employees who are motivated going over and above the basics that their role requires of them. There appears to be a strong link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction that shows that there is a compelling business reason to […]

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Should employers reward employees for healthy habits?

We know that the overall wellbeing of employees has a major impact on so many areas of the People Experience at work and this may also impact Productivity, Motivation, Satisfaction and much more so should employers get involved? And more…should they reward healthy habits? Actually, we have a wellbeing scheme! Employers have implemented all sorts […]

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