3 min read

Is Your Candidate Experience Costing You Money?

A great candidate experience can make you more attractive and save you money, while a poor experience - which starts well before you advertise - can cost you talent and money.
4 min read

How Employee Satisfaction is Better Business

There's often much debate about employee satisfaction, but research clearly shows that it can drive better business results, through what is known as the service value chain.
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Freedom and Autonomy are both considered important to employee motivation, but are they fundamentally the same thing? In this blog Nick explores this question and why it matters.
2 min read

Great People Experience Starts With Great Design

For a few years now we at The Px Hub have been talking about doing things by design, Reward by design, Leadership by design and this is about not leaving things to chance – so why not people experience by design?
1 min read

We are joining forces to help clients transform the employee experience!

2020 Might be a year to forget in many respects, but for three UK businesses dedicated to transforming people’s experience at work, it promises to be the start of something very exciting. And in many respects, the current pandemic represents the perfect time to come together.
2 min read

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse With Your Remote Workers

Since the arrival of Covid-19, many more of us are now remote workers. However, some organisations may be unfamiliar with remote working or be too large and complex to check in with each member of staff.
2 min read

Does Your New Joiner Experience Measure Up?

You've invested time, money and effort to bring in the right employee. How do you make sure your new joiner experience makes them feel good about coming in?
3 min read

5 Things We Do To Stay Connected Whilst Working Remotely

Learn how our team have been staying connected whilst remote working and dealing with lockdown.
2 min read

The Leaver Experience: Why it Pays to Pay Attention

People will leave your business. While some might leave because they have just won the lottery or for an amazing opportunity, others will leave because you got it wrong. In any case, what you do next - the leaver experience - matters.
4 min read

To Pulse Or Not To Pulse

Pulse surveys are super cool, and the annual survey is a thing of the past: Well that's what everyone seems to say these days. Should you really ditch the annual survey in favour of pulse?