4 min read

Some of Your People are Colour Blind: Designing for Colour Blindness

Approximately 4.5% of all people experience colour blindness, yet the world of work is full of charts that are not designed to be easily read or accessed by colour blind employees.
4 min read

Are you excluding Dyslexic employees with your communication?

We are not all the same, thank goodness. When it comes to communicating with neurodiverse employees, 10% of whom may experience dyslexia, one size does not fit all.
5 min read

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS): Pure Theatre

Find out why we see Employee Net Promoter Score ( eNPS ) as a flawed measure of employee experience or ‘Analytics Theatre’ and what’s better survey practice.
3 min read

When the Score Becomes the Goal: Engagement Fail:

When the employee engagement score becomes the goal, you lose focus on what's important: The employee experience. Avoid this employee engagement fail!
4 min read

Frequently Asked Questions About Employee Surveys

New to employee surveys? Check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about them...
7 min read

Good Practice vs Theatre in Employee Survey Design

Employee survey design can have a massive impact on the quality of your data and, ultimately, people strategies. In this blog we explore good practices, and how to avoid ‘survey theatre’.
4 min read

Complete Guide to Running Employee Surveys: Part 1 - Design

In this first part of our guide to running employee surveys we look at survey design, from choosing what to measure to writing great questions.
2 min read

Complete Guide to Running Employee Surveys: Part 2 - Launching Your Survey

In this second blog in our guide to running employee surveys, we cover launching your survey to drive participation rates and ensure good quality data.
4 min read

Should You Benchmark Engagement Scores?

We're often asked whether we benchmark engagement scores, and while it's tempting to follow the crowd, we don't believe it's good for your business. Read why.
2 min read

Sliders in Employee Surveys: Measurement Theatre

There’s no doubt that sliders look good. Because of this, they have been introduced into employee feedback technology to add a wow factor, sizzle rather than sausage… … pure theatre, you might say. But does that matter?
4 min read

To Pulse Or Not To Pulse

Pulse surveys are super cool, and the annual survey is a thing of the past: Well that's what everyone seems to say these days. Should you really ditch the annual survey in favour of pulse?