3 min read

What's It Like To Experience Burnout at Work?

Burnout is a syndrome of emotional exhaustion and cynicism that often occurs among ‘people-workers’. How can you spot the signs of burnout at work and what should you be doing about it?
2 min read

How to Keep Your Remote Team Engaged During Lockdown

Lockdown. Again. Whatever your business, even if your team is used to working remotely, the current situation is sub-optimal. So how do you keep them engaged?
4 min read

At Work, Mental Health Matters

Physical or mental, we all need to look after our wellbeing. Business leaders are now beginning to fully understand that mental health at work has a huge impact on productivity, efficiency and performance.
2 min read

Should employers reward employees for healthy behaviour?

We know that the overall wellbeing of employees has a major impact on so many areas of the People Experience at work and this may also impact Productivity, Motivation, Satisfaction and much more so should employers get involved? And more…should they reward healthy habits?
3 min read

5 Things We Do To Stay Connected Whilst Working Remotely

Learn how our team have been staying connected whilst remote working and dealing with lockdown.
2 min read

Enabling Your People to Balance Work and Life

This blog is not going to dive into the knotty discussion of “what is work-life balance”, is it the right terminology or something else headline-grabbing. It simply is looking at how we might provide the best environment for our people.
3 min read

Trust Fall

I have always loved this quote from Neil Gaiman and the question here of “Is it that bad to fail, that hard to fall?” always makes me think about how we design our people experience around failing, do we make it a hard experience or a safe one?