Why employee feedback is essential to the future of your business

Your people experience is critical to your future success, and employee feedback is essential to building an engaging people experience.

Employee Feedback is essential to future business success

Organisational qualities like agility and resilience, which were already important, are must-haves in a post-pandemic world. To thrive, you must be able to engage your people, harness their creativity and earn their trust.

At the same time, people’s expectations have changed radically. They now expect a relationship with their employer that is more meaningful and less transactional.

10 Reasons to Gather Employee Feedback

  1. Attract your target candidates
  2. Optimise employee onboarding
  3. Improve retention rates
  4. Resolve performance issues
  5. Improve strategy and change execution
  1. Develop targeted wellbeing strategies
  2. Manage talent more effectively
  3. Drive employee engagement
  4. Shape management development
  5. Manage your culture

What do we mean by employee feedback?

Employee feedback can take many forms: Formal or informal, qualitative or quantitative, regular or ad hoc.

Our flexible online platform enables you to gather many types of employee feedback. Maximise the value of your organisation with our full package or simply choose the modules that best meet your needs.

Annual Engagement surveys

Keep your people strategy on track and get a whole-company perspective on your people experience with an annual employee survey.​

Pulse Surveys​

Our Pulse surveys help you quickly get a handle on specific issues, or can be scheduled to monitor progress on initiatives or areas of concern.​​

Candidate Experience

Candidate surveys help you optimise your hiring process and employer brand, to ensure that you’re landing the best people without paying a premium.​

Joiner Experience

Get your relationship with new joiners off to the best possible start by acting on their feedback. Avoid the cost of losing joiners or, worse, keeping unhappy ones.

Stay Interviews

It pays not only to understand why your people leave, but why they choose to stay, if you want to improve retention.

Exit Interview​s

Exit interviews stop you losing money out of the door, make targeted decisions to retain key talent and free up HR resource to create value.

Wellbeing Surveys

Our Wellbeing Surveys can help target initiatives and deliver the maximum benefit from your wellbeing budget.


If you don’t recognise what you want to do, we can help you to tailor our employee feedback platform to your requirements.

Employee Feedback needn’t feel like rocket science..

At The People Experience Hub it’s our mission to support a systematic, end-to-end approach to gathering and acting on employee feedback that delivers value to your business and your people. Whatever platform or tools you use to gather employee feedback you must:

Ask focused, relevant and clear questions​

Being focused is about knowing what’s important to the delivery of your strategic vision and mission, but you must also ask questions that are relevant to your people. And of course your questions must be clear in their intent.

​Get people interested in answering them

Why should your people answer your survey? Why is it important? How will it impact their lives? How you communicate your survey, focus groups or interviews, and how easy you make it for them to participate, is critical.

Turn your data into action

If people don’t see that their feedback makes a difference, they will be reluctant to give it. You don’t have to do what they want, but you do have to do something, whether it’s strategic or tactical, central or local to them.

Why choose The People Experience Hub?

So you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to look like you know what you’re doing, when you choose our employee feedback platform. Here are just a few of the reasons why our clients stay with us.

Flexibility to meet your needs

Our flexible platform includes a range of employee feedback tools, all of which are customisable to meet your needs. Use our questions or write your own.. ..it’s your choice.​

Easy to use ​

We take the user experience seriously, so that your time and effort can be focused on the things that really matter.​

Clear and actionable analytics​

Our easy-to-understand analytics are available in real time, so managers can drill down and start taking action without delay.​

Secure and GDPR compliant

We are absolutely committed to data privacy and security at all times and adhere strictly to ISO27001 standards and GDPR.

Dedicated support

OK, so this isn’t about the platform as such. But our Client Success team is dedicated to making your entire journey smooth and hassle-free.

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