Get the full picture with Annual Engagement Surveys​

Keep your people strategy on track and get a whole-company perspective on your people experience with an annual employee survey.

Engagement Surveys give a company-wide view of your people experience

Why run an Annual Engagement survey?

An annual survey is an opportunity to get deep and broad snapshot of employee engagement, at a point in time, that gives you a baseline to measure against.

Look back to assess progress on your people initiatives and forward to identify emerging opportunities for change.​

Employees see Annual Engagement surveys as important and value the opportunity they provide to make themselves heard – If you act on their feedback.​

The fact that the annual survey is a substantial commitment means that it gets attention at board level, and enables data-driven, strategic decision-making.​​

Talk to us about choosing the right mix of employee feedback modules for your organisation, and how we can help you maximise value from our flexible platform.

Annual Engagement survey's are a big commitment

The bottom line, however, is that annual surveys do require a significant investment in time and effort. If they are done well, they show you where your people are engaged or not, and broadly why. But if that’s not a commitment that you can or want to make, then don’t.

An Annual Engagement survey isn’t a silver bullet

People also often have unreasonable expectations of their Annual Engagement survey. When done well, they are an important strategic tool that helps you direct your attention where it might be most beneficial. It shouldn’t be considered a complete and detailed diagnostic and running one won’t give your all of the answers.​

Consider your employee feedback mix

It’s important to use the right tools for the right job, and what’s appropriate for your organisation depends on your strategic, operational and cultural context. But rather than being competing alternatives, annual and Pulse surveys – or indeed lifecycle or Wellbeing Surveys – can be complimentary tools.

What to expect from us, when you run an Annual Engagement survey

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