Optimising the full employee lifecycle​

Lifecycle surveys enable you to optimise the people experience from attraction to exit. By gathering feedback at every stage you can makes sure that attracting your ideal candidates, retain your best people and, finally, and making sure that your leavers become brand advocates.

Optimise the employee journey with lifecycle surveys

Candidate Surveys

Make Sure you land your ideal candidates

Candidate surveys help you optimise your hiring process and employer brand, to make sure that you’re landing the best people without paying a premium.

Our lifecycle surveys are flexible and easy to use

Reduce target candidate loss

Understand when and why you are you are losing your target candidates, and take preventative measures.​

Develop recruiting managers

Understand how managers are perceived by candidates and drive behavior change or upskilling initiatives.​

Optimise your employer brand

Find out exactly how candidates view your company to improve attraction and reduce costly negotiation.

New Joiner Surveys

Make joining the start of something special

Get your relationship with new joiners off to the best possible start by acting on their feedback. Avoid the cost of losing joiners or, worse, keeping unhappy ones.

The People Experience Hub is dedicated to Client Success

Optimise onboarding process

Build engagement and advocacy from day one, by continuously improving the Joiner Experience​

Avoid the costly revolving door​

Up to 33% of new joiners quit in their first 6 months, a cost that’s avoidable if you act on their feedback.​.​

Build advocacy from day one​

A great joining experience tells employees that they’ve made the right choice, which they’ll happily share.​.

Stay Interviews

Find out why people stay – and do it more

It pays not only to understand why your people leave, but why they choose to stay, if you want to improve retention.

Stay interviews help you understand why people remain loyal to you

Sharpen your employee value proposition​

Understand when and why you are you are losing your target candidates, and take preventative measures.​

Identify opportunities for change

Remove barriers to retention and employee motivation, and fine tune your people experience.​

Power up talent management​

Develop strategies that drive retention among the employee groups that are critical to your future success.​

Automated Exit Interviews

Reduce expensive employee turnover

Automated Exit Interviews can stop you being like the 1/3 of employers that doesn’t know why people its people leave (at a around £25k per person). As well as improving retention, they can help you build advocacy and employer brand.

Exit interviews help you avoid expensive employee turnover

Stop pushing people out of the door

Simply put, every employee that chooses to leave creates a cost for your business that you can reduce..​

Make targeted decisions to keep key talent

Our analytics module makes it easy to identify specific demographics of concern and target your interventions.​

Turn leavers into advocates

How you leave a company has a big influence on how you perceive an employer. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Free up HR resource to create value

Whether it’s spent fighting fires or recruiting replacement, automated Exit Interviews save time and effort.

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