Make onboarding the start of something special

Get your relationship with new joiners off to the best possible start by taking and acting on feedback about their experience of your onboarding process. Avoid the cost of losing joiners or, worse, keeping unhappy ones while making sure that you build engagement from day one.

Engagement Surveys give a company-wide view of your people experience

Why use New Joiner Surveys?

Retain top talent and improve your hiring process with Joiner Surveys.

Optimising the full employee lifecycle

Our Employee Lifecycle Surveys enable you to optimise the people experience from attraction through to exit, helping you recruit and keep the best people.

Our other employee lifecycle feedback tools include:

Candidate Surveys

Candidate experience surveyshelp you optimise your hiring process and employer brand, to land the best people without paying a premium.

Stay Interviews

It pays not only to understand why your people leave, but also why they choose to stay if you want to improve engagement and retention.

Exit Interviews

Automated Exit Interviews can help you understand why people leave, so that you can improve retention and build advocacy amongst leavers.

What to expect from us

New Joiner interviews aren't as complex as they seem and can be automated and converted into analytical data to help you better understand your culture.

End To End Support

We're committed to ensuring that you Employee Feedback process delivers the best possible results. We will help you ask the right questions and take necessary steps to get the most from candidate feedback and deliver a great experience.