Pulse surveys give the data you need, when you need it​

Our flexible Pulse surveys and easy-to-use analytics can help you monitor engagement, quickly get a handle on specific issues, or track progress on initiatives or areas of concern.​

Pulse Surveys give you employee feedback when you need it

Why we love Pulse surveys

Very simply, Pulse surveys are extremely versatile. As the name suggests, they are a quick and easy way of finding our how your people feel, and they tend to be done on a regular schedule. But really, they can be used to get fast feedback on just about anything, at any time you like. At least, that’s how they work on our platform.

Quickly tackle emerging issues

Pulse surveys are great for quickly understanding new or changing situations – as many of our clients have during the pandemic.

Take a deeper dive​

Some issues, perhaps arising your annual survey, benefit from the greater level of focus that a pulse provides.​​

Monitor change initiatives

Pulse surveys are ideal for tracking people’s readiness for change, or intangible or cultural benefits of initiatives.​​

Track engagement drivers

Measuring a handful of key questions will help you monitor progress in between larger Annual Engagement surveys.

Case Study

Monitoring Employee Responses to COVID

During the pandemic, several of our clients used our Pulse survey module to monitor people’s responses to the changing situation, their wellbeing, and their feelings about subjects such as returning to the office or hybrid working.

This enabled our clients to stay connected to remote workers, to develop strategies for supporting people, and to plan effectively for the future.

Did you know, Pulse surveys are...

  • Easy to setup and deploy
  • Small targeted set of questions designed for a fast response
  • Conducted on a regular basis
  • Less time consuming than an Annual Survey
  • Ideal for tracking and monitoring key trends
  • Secure and anonymous

What to expect when you run a pulse survey

End To End Support

We're committed to ensure that your Pulse surveys deliver the best results. We'll help you ask the right questions and take necessary steps to improve your People Experience.

Asking great questions​

We’ll ensure that you’re focused on the right things – as defined by your strategic context – then help you ask precise, meaningful survey questions.​

Driving response rates

We can you communicate the importance of your survey, in an engaging way, and remove any potential barriers to uptake. ​ ​

Turning data into actionable insights​

We are experienced in interpreting survey results, in their strategic context, performing deeper analyses and facilitating focus groups and action planning.​​​​

Additional solutions

The People Experience Hub is split into modules for simplicity, so you can add, remove, or replace any module. Speak to our customer service team to find out more.

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