Employee surveys for small businesses with big ideas

Our easy-to-deploy employee survey solution for smaller businesses makes employee feedback accessible, helping you to attract, engage and retain people as you grow.​

Our employee survey solution for SME businesses
Unlimited Pulse Surveys
Unlimited Exit Interviews
One Annual Engagement Survey

Growth without the growing pains

We understand that creating the right culture for your people is important regardless of company size. That's why our 'Under 200' product is designed for smaller businesses who care about their people.

A big concern for any SME as it scales up is that it retains its identity and avoids losing talent as it changes. We can help you gather feedback at various stages of your shared journey – with a simple package at a sensible price.

We’ve helped these forward thinking companies improve their people experience.


Why employee feedback is critical to your growth

Aren’t employee surveys just for large corporates that have lost the personal touch? Well, no.
We agree that many corporates have lost the personal touch – and don’t want you to. Every growing business will get to the point where the leadership realises that it’s longer realistic to every employee well.

At that point it’s sensible to introduce well-designed employee feedback processes, to ensure that you continue to build the right relationship with your people -
One that keeps them engaged, so that they want to stay with you and help you to attract new talent

Grow with the 'Under 200' package

We believe that company size shouldn't be a barrier to great employee experience. We love to help businesses grow and our product is designed to grow with you. Our dedicated team will make sure you are getting the most out of the platform, all for a great price. We have a range of payment options available, so get in touch with our team to find out more.

  • Unlimited access to our Exit Interview module
  • Unlimited access to our Pulse survey Module
  • One Annual survey per year
  • Pre-written templates so you can set up a survey in minutes

What to expect when you run a pulse survey

End To End Support

We're committed to ensure that your Pulse surveys deliver the best results. We'll help you ask the right questions and take necessary steps to improve your People Experience.

Asking great questions​

We’ll ensure that you’re focused on the right things – as defined by your strategic context – then help you ask precise, meaningful survey questions.​

Driving response rates

We can you communicate the importance of your survey, in an engaging way, and remove any potential barriers to uptake. ​ ​

Turning data into actionable insights​

We are experienced in interpreting survey results, in their strategic context, performing deeper analyses and facilitating focus groups and action planning.​​​​