Positively impact your people with our wellbeing surveys

Our wellbeing surveys, using our four-pillared approach, can help you target initiatives and deliver the maximum benefit from your wellbeing strategy.​

Wellbeing surveys help you deliver strategies that work

1 in 4 employees say that they have suffered from mental health issues at work.

In a recent study, 75% said that they had felt stressed at work.

Psychological Wellbeing

1 in 8 employees said that they are currently suffering from a musculoskeletal disorder

27% of all work absences in the UK can be attributed to physical health issues.

Physical Wellbeing

1 in 5 employees say that financial worries impact the performance & quality of their work

25% of employees stated that they struggle to pay their living costs each month.

Financial Wellbeing

Poor social skills & self-worth can be linked directly to reduced physical & psychological wellbeing

Loneliness & poor social connections are as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day

Social Wellbeing

Why use wellbeing surveys?

Most companies are now implementing wellbeing programmes, but research from Gartner suggests that the most effective initiatives may also be the least commonly implemented. Our wellbeing surveys can help make sure that you are targeting initiatives effectively.

Use your wellbeing budget efficiently​

If you’re not using data to drive wellbeing spend you may be wasting money on initiatives that don’t deliver.​

Personalise your wellbeing offer

By understanding the wants and needs of different employee groups you can maximise impact.​

Drive better wellbeing outcomes​

Overall, the better you understand the needs of your employees, the more positively you can impact them.​

Why choose The People Experience Hub?

Our employee wellbeing model is holistic and considers four critical areas; Psychological, Physical, Financial and Social Wellbeing. By exploring each of these, our wellbeing surveys will help you understand what’s – positively or negatively - impacting your people’s health.

Flexibility to meet your needs

Our flexible platform includes a range of employee feedback tools, all of which are customisable to meet your needs. Use our questions or write your own.. ..it’s your choice.​

Easy to use ​

We take the user experience seriously, so that your time and effort can be focused on the things that really matter.​

Clear and actionable analytics​

Our easy-to-understand analytics are available in real time, so managers can drill down and start taking action without delay.​

Secure and GDPR compliant

We are absolutely committed to data privacy and security at all times and adhere strictly to ISO27001 standards and GDPR.

Dedicated support

OK, so this isn’t about the platform as such. But our Client Success team is dedicated to making your entire journey smooth and hassle-free.