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Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience

This is the start of the employee journey with you!

Talent and recruitment processes are often the first experience that people have of your business, we look at how candidates feel about the process (whether successful or not) and for the lucky people that join - did expectation meet reality?

Using the PxHub to capture feedback from all candidates on their experience allows you to understand if there are any barriers to someone joining your business/industry or if something just doesn't work as well as it could do.

Joiner Experience

You have invested a lot of time and money in finding the right people to join your business.

33% of people decide to leave a company in the first 6 months so it has got to be worth-while checking in to find out if expectation has met reality and if there is anything stopping new people being the best they can be!

Joiner Surveys


Ask people what they think when it matters most to them and to you with the PxHub pulse survey module.

Target your questions to the right groups of people and use our question warehouse of over 250 questions or write your own using your tone of voice.

Set up a pulse survey in minutes and get your results in real time.

Big annual survey

Pulse surveys are great, but sometimes you need something more substantial.

Survey all employees using the employee opinion survey to get under the skin and to give you a baseline of opinion data.

Our culture/EVP and brand surveys look at how your internal brand and employee offering is received.

And wellbeing surveys to check in on your people's physical, psychological and financial health.

Big Surveys
Leaver Experience

Leaver experience

Last impressions matter!

People leave businesses for all sorts of reasons and there is some real evidence that how people perceive the end of an experience stays with them for much longer than the start or middle.

So, make sure that when people leave you do it right!

Understanding why people leave gives you some great people experience data to enable you to keep on improving work for your people.

With the cost of leavers ranging from £20,000 to £39,000 per leaver, can you afford to not know why people leave your business?

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