Frequently Asked Questions

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Functionality & Platform

Can we add our own questions?

Can we customise the Analytics?

Can our managers access their own results?

Do we have to be experts in people analytics to make the most of it?

When will we get our survey results?

How do you benchmark results?

Do you have a model of engagement that you work with?


What support options are offered for clients?

How do I access support?

Will we be given training on the platform beforehand?

How can you help us increase survey participation rates?

Can you support multiple languages?

What support do you give to help us develop insights?

How do you support action planning?

Can we brand our surveys?

Security & Data Protection

Are survey responses anonymous?

Is our data secure?


Do we have to take all of the modules from your platform?

Are we tied into a contract?

How do I arrange a demo?