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Building Organisational Resilience Through People Experience

Our guide to building Organisational Resilience looks at some of the latest thinking and its implications for HR leaders responsible for the people experience.

In a post-pandemic world Organisational Resilience could be critical to sustainable success

What is organisational resilience and why does it matter?

Organisational Resilience is the dynamic capability of an organization to successfully deal with existential threats, stresses or crises - and emerge better equipped for the future. More specifically, it relates to the organisation's systemic ability to anticipate, cope and adapt.

Our guide to building organisational resilience takes a deeper dive into the latest thinking about this potential important phenomenon and how it differs from other resilience concepts. including team and individual (mental) resilience. We suggest how it could be more important for the wellbeing of your people to tackle organisational resilience, than to focus on programmes that support individuals. This may mean investing in structures, systems and processes, but it also means taking a good look at your people strategy and employee experience.

##What underpins organisational resilience? Therefore, the main aim of this guide is to highlight the capabilities that underlie organisational resilience and the potential implications for the employee experience that HR leaders might need to consider. What will help you and your people to anticipate, cope with and adapt to potential crises or disruption? How might designing your employee experience with resilience in mind change your people strategy?

What are the main implications of organisational resilience for HR leaders?

We'll also share our view of the big challenges that you night face, as HR leaders, as you start to think about building capabilities that underpin organisational resilience and share some tips for dealing with them. We can't give you a blueprint to work from because, as you'll appreciate, the world of work just isn't like that. We do hope, however, to provide you with some food for thought and help you engage colleagues in meaningful debate about your organisation's future.

Finally, we’ll provide some steps to help you get started with the rebuilding process, and a quick and easy diagnostic - to help start the conversation about building organisational resilience.