Keep your team happy and engaged
Navigating the People Experience: A Roadmap for Employee Engagement

Our ebook will help you navigate the complexity of employee engagement, and build a people experience that delivers for your employees and your business.

Employee Engagement is more important than ever

As attraction, retention and wellbeing are high on the agenda for HR in the post-pandemic, post-Brexit environment, building a people experience that delivers employee engagement has never been more important.

The People Experience is key to engagement

Forget gimmicks; It’s the day-to-day experience that your people have at work that drives employee engagement, and our roadmap will help you to plan and prioritise activities to ensure that they add value for your business and for your people. 

Taking into account your unique business context

But there’s no one-size-fits-all blueprint for a ‘great’ people experience. To be great, the experience must not only work for your employees, but it must also work within the overall strategic and operational context of your business, and different positive experiences support performance in different ways. Every business has its own business goals, and the experience your employees have must in turn enable these. 

Based on our three-level People Experience model

After reviewing the evidence available in the academic research and our own data, we’ve developed a framework that helps us and our clients to develop insights into the people experience and drive action to transform it.

By separating out three levels of experience: The perceived environment, the felt experience and observable outcomes; our framework supports a more logical and targetted approach to experience design that will help you to deliver business goals and engage your employees effectively.

Download our roadmap now and start transforming your people experience.