Explore how your people are feeling at each stage of their employee journey

Each stage of an employee's journey can provide invaluable insights into how your people are feeling and how your business is operating.

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Candidate Starter
New Starter Surveys
Exit Interviews

Candidate surveys

  • Understand how candidates view your interview process
  • How do potential employees view your company culture?
  • Is your interview process inclusive?
  • Analyse how effective your hiring process is from job adverts, recruiter and talent engagement, applications and interviews
Engagement Measurement

New Joiner surveys

  • According to a survey by Jobvite, 43% of new employees said their role didn't meet expectations. New Joiner surveys can help ensure this isn't the case with your new employees
  • Give your new employees the opportunity to reflect on their new role and ask for further help and training if it's required
  • 33% of new employees decide to leaver their new employers within the first six months. New starters surveys can help you ensure this doesn't happen by allowing you to tackle issues early and provide support
Wellbeing measurement

Exit Interviews

  • Knowing why employees decide to leave your business can help you reduce future employee turnover
  • Research from Oxford Economics shows that the cost of an employee leaving ranges from £20,000 to £39,000 per person
  • Based on the above a 5% turnover at a company of 1500 could potentially cost around 1.5 million!
Leadershop & Trust Measurement

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