Pulse Surveys

Gather your employee feedback regularly

Our Pulse surveys are designed to help you gather employee feedback on a regular basis. Whether it's quarterly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly, our platform has got you covered. Schedule your surveys in advance and have peace of mind knowing that you've got your employee feedback sorted.

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Track trends over time
Target key areas with demographics
Communicate with effectiveness

Why Pulse Surveys?

  • Easy to setup and deploy!
  • Small targeted set of questions designed for a fast response
  • Conducted on a regular basis
  • Less time consuming than a large Annual survey
  • Allows you to track and monitor key trends
  • Secure and anonymous

Create Effective Surveys

Measuring your people experience doesn't need to be difficult. Our platform is full of features to boost your people engagement.

Question bank

The People Experience Hub question bank consists of over 250 questions written by our organisational psychologist to measure key areas that are beneficial to your organisation. Support is given so you understand how these measurements can influence future business decisions.

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Target specific hierarchies

Our easy to use hierarchy template allows you to update and upload your organisational structure. Target a select group of your employees based on key demographics and send a survey directly to them.

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Undertsand your insights

From start to finish, your analytics can be viewed in real-time with accompanying dashboards to help you understand how you're performing. Contact our team to understand how your data can help you.

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Additional solutions

The People Experience Hub is split into modules for simplicity, so you can add, remove, or replace any module. Speak to our customer service team to find out more.

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